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KampungChat User Modes. Ruangan ini adalah untuk memudahkan user KampungChat mendapatkan maklumat mengenai User Mode yang available di KampungChat

Core Modes

Mode Kesan
i User tidak akan dapat dilihat melalui /WHO oleh non-IRC Ops
o User adalah IRC Operator
s User akan menerima notice server (SNOMASK)
w User menerima notice di status

Modular Modes

Mode Kesan
B Marks the user as a Bot.
c Requires other users to be in a channel with the user before being able to PRIVMSG/NOTICE them.
d Makes the user stop receiving channel PRIVMSGs/NOTICEs.
g Provides control over who can private-message a user via /ACCEPT lists.
G Censors PRIVMSGs and NOTICEs
h Marks the user as available for helping others.
H Hides an Oper's Oper status.
I Hides all channels a user is a member of in /WHOIS
k The client is a God. Client cannot be kicked or set -qaohv.
r Marks a user as "registered and identified" from Services.
R User can only receive PRIVMSGs from registered (+r) users.
S Strips control codes from messages to the user. (In Private Message/Notice)
W The user is shown when they are /WHOIS'd.
x Masks a users hostname. Disallows others from getting your IP address.