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“Malaysian virtual reality chatting friendship where all friends are engage in activities even though separated by distance, space and time. Doesn’t really matter who you are… Where you’re from… How you look like… As long as you’re sincere…”

KampungChat® is an interactive website that allows a group of people to communicate and exchange information on a wide range of issues over the Internet. Within each area, participants are provided access to a suite of powerful tools that enable people to effectively get organized, share knowledge and communicate. The Service brought to you by KampungChat Enterprise.

KampungChat has been build since 2002 and our moto is to give the best and peacefull chatting environment to all our user. Please read our Term of Service and Acceptable User Policy for more informations.

Our main target members are the teenagers and adults. These members are united by their common information needs – discussions, looking friends, sharing photo albums, making events, broken hearts recovery and much more… We believe a tripartite partnership of members, advertisers and KampungChat® Team, KampungChat® will be among the best places of all Malaysian communities. We value this partnership very much that have to be a mechanism to achieve this objective. Your feedback and suggestions will help us to improve the contents and services of our community.

KampungChat Administration